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The Dopamine K9 Training system harnesses the forces of nature and science by understanding the dog accurately and using proven scientific methods to change the way they feel, think and act.

We selectively activate Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin to re-write the operating system within the brain using games, play, training exercises and real life socialization. 

Our step by step approach builds dog's self confidence by installing powerful new neural networks making it easy to shape and teach new behaviors. Utilizing the brain's neuroplasticity we replace undesirable behaviors with desirable behaviors that maximize peace of mind for both dogs and owners. 

By understanding the dog's primal and genetic needs we harness, nurture and develop their natural drives into patterns beneficial and conducive to learning. We use a multi layered communication system to give precise feedback, encouragement and praise allowing our dogs to remain happy and engaged throughout the teaching/learning process.

Our system is customizable to any owner's personal likes or dislikes and we respect every individual's relationship and training goals for their dog.

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