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I'm 70 years old and have a very reactive 100 pound German Shepherd. We were thinking of rehoming him when someone told us about Dopamine Canine. Our dog is much, much better now and has his "furever" home thanks to Jeremy and Danielle. They are top shelf trainers!

Alyssa Powell,

Danielle and Jeremy are a dynamic duo! From initial outreach, training, progress updates, and more—they’re both friendly, communicative, engaging, and supportive. They took incredible care of our double doodle puppy, Birdie for three weeks of board and training. Birdie’s progress is phenomenal and a true testament of Jeremy’s training expertise! Jeremy also gave us the tools to continue working with Birdie as she grows and allow our toddler to join in and help as well. Thank you both for the enriching experience that supports both our pup and family as a whole!

Claire Aldersong,

We were devastated because we thought we had to rehome our 4yo dog.
Her unpredictable aggression and nipping got to be too much to handle; she bit our young child in the face and that was a line in the sand. After being referred to Jeremy through our dog rescue, thinking he would board her until she found a new home, he ultimately told us he could 'fix' our dog. Luckily we gave it a chance, because he truly did!
After boarding her for 10 days (which felt very reasonably priced), our dog came home calm and we had a plan. I realized I was the one that really needed training, and this would only work if Jeremy was able to train me, impart his methods so that I could be effective with my dog. Jeremy communicates very well (to dogs and humans), and my husband and I are both able to now keep our dog happy and under control, in a way that is healthy for her and our family. We are so grateful to have such a well rounded method of training that fits our lifestyle, and to have a trainer we can continue to work with to have a happy relationship with our dog!

Erika Krumlauf,

Highly recommend!! I actually can’t recommend Jeremy and Danielle enough! They have transformed our rescue Rotty in a matter of weeks! They are exceptional trainers of dogs and their owners, extremely professional, and very caring and friendly.

Veronica Montoya,

I am so Grateful for Jeremy and Danielle in training our German Shepherd. I was pretty sure that after waking at 5:00 in the morning to our dog looking down at me growling 10 inches from my face that she was going to have to be put down. I would not want to re-home one that may cause harm to a child or anyone else for that matter.
We have rescued over 10 dogs the last 30 years and have never came across a situation like this. Our girl is extremely high driven all the time and very unpredictable especially before her heat cycle.
I have very weak ankles after several surgeries It was hard time giving her the exercise she required being the way she is. She also was food aggressive but now we have the dog we had hoped for Thanks to Jeremy and Danielle. They taught Chey to run along a bike with me, They showed us other ways to exercise together that gave Chey the exercise she needed and me a way to do it in my condition. All the while keeping in contact several times a week complete with pictures and videos of all her progress. She no longer is food aggressive and now has a new respect for me being her Mom. I am able to walk her without her pulling me with a collar on and no longer have problems with her knowing who is the boss in our relationship. I would highly recommend Dopamine K9 for any problems you are having as they are a great team and really know how to get you pet back on track. Forever Grateful :)

Steve Williamson,

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