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Meet Jeremy

and Danielle

A match made in Dog Heaven

The Dopamine K9 Training philosophy is founded in love for dogs.

We love dogs and hold great respect for the beautiful role they play in our lives.

We do not believe in punishment based training and do not support exerting dominance through the use of force. A fear based approach damages relationships, reduces trust, causes stress and often results in unintended consequences including but not limited to increased aggression. We believe the greatest gift dogs offer humankind is the gift of happiness. Our commitment always is to increase that happiness for both dog and owner. Our step by step process is easy to learn and guaranteed to improve your life and your relationship with your beloved companion.

Jeremy DeGuc, Founder

Through rescue, training, and rehabilitation, I have spent the last decade helping high-risk dogs find peace, love, and forever homes. 

My journey in dog rescue began when I adopted a pit bull from the shelter. She turned out to be reactive toward humans and aggressive toward animals. Through a strong relationship founded in trust and training, she became social, friendly, and obedient. I applied what I learned to more rescue dogs and began fostering, rehabilitating, and rehoming them to adoptive families. Seeing the success of happy dogs in happy homes—as well as the sadness of owners not knowing how to meet their dogs’ needs—inspired me to become a professional dog trainer and help as many people and dogs as possible. On this journey, I also designed the Rescue Leash and developed a training system suitable for all dogs and people. 

Danielle Day, Founder

I’ve been rescuing animals of all kinds since I was a little girl.

Starting at the age of five, I fed all the stray dogs and cats in my neighborhood. Eventually, I began sneaking sick and injured strays into my room and nursing them back to health until they were well enough to be placed with adoptive families. This continued throughout my childhood and led me to become a veterinary technician while also running a small dog rescue from my home.

I focused on rescuing shelter dogs labeled “unadoptable” due to their size, strength, lack of training, and behavioral problems. I learned how valuable training is for improving the lives of dogs and how it can save their lives and prevent them from being abandoned in our shelter systems. Eventually, I was recruited by a world-renowned dog rescue in Oregon to manage their pitbull training and adoption program.

The bond between a person and their dog is priceless. Some just need a little help learning how to better communicate and understand each other before they can build a beautiful relationship together. I’ve been humbled to have clients—many who came to us as their last hope before rehoming or returning their dog—thank me for helping them understand their dog better. They usually add that they can’t imagine their life without their dog now, and are extremely grateful they didn’t give up. To me, that makes it all worth it.

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