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Rescue Leash

Our leash builds and strengthens relationships between dogs and people through adventure, exercise, relaxation, freedom, and hands-free peace of mind.

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A safe and reliable self-tether system means that dropping the leash no longer poses the same risk of tragedy.


A multipurpose leash system offers a variety of lengths and configurations to meet every owner and dog’s unique needs. 


Self-tether safety and hands-free use makes everything from using training clickers to holding a cup of coffee easy. 


Our leashes are designed to nurture every dog’s potential

by helping owners 

naturally embrace an intuitive approach to pack leadership and dog handling. 

The Rescue Leash

If the thought of walking your dog causes you stress and anxiety, we’ve got a leash you should meet. Ideal for large, fearful, prey-driven, aggressive, or behaviorally challenged dogs, the Rescue Leash was designed to help owners, trainers, and rescue adopters stop worrying about the potentially life-threatening risks of a dropped leash and start enjoying life with their dogs.




  • Minimizes anxiety and risk of tragedy while maximizing control and leadership

  • Provides peace of mind, allowing you and your dog to relax and bond

  • Allows for easy multitasking while maintaining hands-free control




  • Can be worn around the waist as a belt, hands-free over the shoulder, or as a four-point human harness for maximum core strength and impact distribution

  • Extra-wide material (1–1.5 inches) provides secure grip while the close-control handle offers maximum safety

  • Easily adjustable length (4–8 feet)

  • Connects to two dogs or two collars on a single dog

  • Double slip lead capability

  • Can be used as a back tie for training

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